Are Chinese Girls Good in Bed?

I firmly hold my belief that no man can be bad in bed and good in life. Well, does the same also apply to women? especially Chinese women?
I came upon this short film today "Sexy Beijing : Country Loving"
I have to say , I am very surprised when that brown guy made the comment "Chinese Girls are Good in Bed". WOW, I have to say, this is a first. I have never realized that Chinese girls can be good in bed. But then again, I am pretty sure THAT brown guy is bad in bed and LIFE.
Chinese women are good at a lot of things and they have many skills, domestic skills so to speak. They are nice, kind and patient. They know how to cook. They know how to get along with the in-laws. At least, they try to, or pretend to. But THIS? GOOD AT SEX? This is one arena that I have newly stumbled upon. Being Chinese myself, (well more or less, depends on who you talk to) I feel I have a sense of responsibility to defend my own women. But still, I just have a hard time to picture Chinese women in bed, naked, being sexual predators. And trust me, this kind of image does NOT turn me on. It just completely ruins my appetite, (both kinds of appetite, if you know what I mean).
I think I have been hammered down by some idiodic, fanatic friends of mine accusing me for not being patriotic enough or not being Chinese enough. And quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. I really don’t love China all that much, is that so wrong? Now with this image of voracious Chinese women humping brown guys, I am not sure how much of the new China I can take with me. President Hu Jintao called onto the nation and the rest of the world to build a harmonious global village, but hey, there is a LIMIT, specially when it comes to brown guys screaming on the street in Bejing that Chinese girls are good in bed!..
But on a second thought, they are my sisters, they are my friends, they are ME. So I guess I will cave in and give them the benefit of doubt. Yeah, Chinese Girls Are Good in Bed!! And they work you all like an ass master. We gonna take over the US!!!
Rock on, sexy Chinese sluts!
Until next time, I am Karen @ Starbucks

7 Responses to “Are Chinese Girls Good in Bed?”

  1. funny you wrote this article because I was wondering the same thing about Chinese men! I can\’t imagine to be good in bed at all! I\’m a Chinese female btw. And I have never been with a Chinese man because I\’ve always thought they somehow suck. I\’ve been with various different types of whites, brown, even black.

  2. The only proper sex i had was with chinese women (well not from china proper… but still chinese race)So I cant really compare… But I\’m satisfied with their performance. if the girl really likes you, and enjoys sleeping with you (which they usually do… I\’ve been told chinese men suck in bed, and they seem to be craving for "exotic" sex)… she\’ll do lots to please you in bed.I guess you cant say better or worst. They\’re different and it\’s a matter of taste… and if you like someone i guess youll enjoy sleeping with them.

  3. Its true though, i\’ve heard chinese girls being called "dead fish" in bed… and i agree they\’re passive, and well i wish they would take the initiative a couple of times…But it\’s still good enough for me.

  4. Shut up you!

  5. Taiwanese girls seem to like any guy with a bit of money, especially black e-mailed a love song to my guy and he was running crazy after her – she being same age as his daughter.

  6. you are just a baster. it\’s none your business!

  7. i like chinese women thay are so hot in bed with chinese women in bed

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